Elections are being held this morning in Israel for the fourth time in four years. Our experts predict:

Bibi and his Likud party to win 32+- seats, (a drop less than the current 36 seats)

Agudah and Degel Hatorah to win 8 seats! This is an extraordinary victory. Currently the Agudah/ Degel party hold 7 seats.

Shas to win 10 seats, (one more than the current 10)

To create a government, you need a majority of the Knesset members to approve. That magic number is 61 Knesset members. Likud, Shas and Agudah are staunch supporters of Bibi which brings us to 50 Knesset members, maximum.

  • Bibi is going to have a very tough time negotiating with other neutral or opposing parties to join his government. These parties know how desperate he is to get their approval. Negotiations will be a nightmare.
  • Due to Israel being under frequent Corona  lockdowns for the last year, the government is strapped for cash. It will be very hard for Bibi to  negotiate with other neutral or opposing parties to join his government when he does not have sufficient government funds he can give to the various parties.   

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4 thoughts on “Our Experts Predict: Agudah To Win Big. Bibi To Lead Government. Negotiations Will Be Very Tough”
    1. The Likud has a top notch representative in the US, the great Gary Abramowitz, founder of SavetheWest. However, Bibi’s camp is dead wrong on covid. The vaccine trials are just that, experimental trials. You can’t rightfully force Holocaust survivors to be experimented on by the same company who worked for the Nazis during the war. It’s invasive and autocratic, really a violation of Jewish G-d-given rights. Medical passports do just that. It’s wrong and it threatens to spread the practice abroad. Already, Gov. Huomo is forcing this same policy, attempting to ban the unvaccinated from air travel. That is a massive civil rights violation and it threatens religious liberty.

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