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February 24, 20212:20 pm

BioSimplx LLC, a joint Israeli and U.S Nutraceutical company tested their proprietary iodine formula, called AQUARA, at an FDA registered lab in Rechovot Israel. It was all smiles and handshakes when their Physician formulated, FDA GRAS formula was able to safely deactivate coronavirus in seconds. BioSimpx LLC immediately filed for patent protection. In a recent conversation between Dr. Neal Naito former Director of Public Health from the United States Navy Medical Corps with BioSimplx executives he conferred his enthusiasm for this breakthrough. A read of an article from New York Times sheds more light on his excitement for AQUARA.

What makes their formula truly unique is the following: AQAURA is a preventative. This stands in stark contrast to other protocols and products. AQUARA may reduce the risk of initial infection and ongoing research suggests possibly even the severity of symptoms if taken during the incubation period. Regarding safety, BioSimplx states that one dose of AQUARA has about half the iodine of a filet of fish. That means you can use AQUARA throughout the day without exceeding the FDA’s own nutritional iodine guidelines.

AQUARA Applications

AQUARA comes in both an Oral and Nasal application. BioSimplx is literally trailblazing the STOPTHESPREAD national campaign. They have trademarked P.P.H or Personal Preventative Hygiene. If we would all rinse or spray our nasal and oral pharynx as often as we are recommended to brush our teeth this pandemic might be over! By routinely rinsing with their hygienic Iodine spray that is 99.9% effective against Coronavirus you are lowering the risk of contracting the virus. Just as importantly you are lowering the risk of transmitting the virus. Iodine has been found to reduce the viral load in the oral and nasal pharyngeals. Watch the video here.

Efficacy and Research

Unlike other vitamins and minerals that strengthen immunity and cellular resistance to microbials, AQUARA’s iodine antiseptic is applied directly to the area where the virus attacks. Iodine is virucidal and when used for its anti-infective properties it is truly amazing. AQUARA is one of the first iodine formulas specially formulated for use on the gentle mucosa of the nose and mouth. Research conducted by Professors at St. Paul’s Sinus Centre, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada and The Institute for Antiviral Research, Utah State University confirm the low levels of iodine as found in AQUARA are not associated with long-term negative effects including even mucosal irritation or disruption of the natural flora.

Regarding iodine mouth rinses, both the CDC & The American Dental Association (ADA) issued guidance for Dentists to lower the risk of Covid-19 transmission. The EPA and Canadian Health respectively, list iodine as an aerosol and topical that deactivates coronavirus. Several of the leading scientific journals like; The LancetJAMAU.S National Institutes of Health, and The European Review for Medical & Pharmacological Science back iodine research in the continuing battle against SARs-CoV2.

AQUARA, Who, Where, WhenAQUARA can be used in any setting. Its compact enough to take with you wherever you go. If you are traveling on the plane or in any crowded space can you really afford to be without the added protection? AQUARA lozenges and lollipops are ideal for schools and university settings while the single use disposables should be available at malls, restaurants and places of entertainment.

Your Shul, Your Yeshiva, Your Kollel, Your Office. Your Home. It protects you at the very same time it protects those around you. It is safe and it is effective at reducing the risk of transmission and without side effects.

Perhaps you know people who are in the high-risk category, from seniors to diabetics and those that look after them. The Nasal application will last 45 to 60 days while the Oral application will last 33 to 45 days.

What You Can Do
BioSimplx strongly encourages all of us to make the extra effort and rinse our most vulnerable orifices. If you are vaccinated or have antibodies share this article with your co-workers, friends, and loved ones. The future and efficacy of the vaccine combined with new variants makes the future uncertain. However, AQUARA is here to stay. For more information, please visit


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