Y. Benari. Jan 31, 2022

Breitbart News Reports:

“On Friday, a Spirit Airlines passenger was forced to cover his “Let’s Go Brandon” mask by a flight attendant who claimed the mask was “offensive.””

“Passenger Adam Radogna, who was flying from Cleveland, Ohio, to Tampa, Florida, late last week, posted a video revealing that he was forced to remove his mask and replace it with a paper medical mask after he got to his assigned seat.”

“Radogna posted a video showing the flight attendant demanding he remove his mask, and when he asked why, the woman replied, “It’s offensive … it can be to some people, so we’re not going to go back and forth. Go ahead and put the blue one on, OK?””

Cruel as Usual Employees of Spirit Airlines, Force Customer to Take Off
the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Face Mask

“In a second video made when he arrived in Florida, Radogna says, “We live in America. This is Florida. This is the free state of Florida.””

You will all remember that Jewish Travelers were forced off the plane out of pure antisemitism being accused of being malodorous. All we got out of reaction from the Jewish Community is the “Let’s all calm down here” apologist talk from the likes of Lawyer Inzelbuch. Sadly we have no political representation anymore that will stand up for our rights.

I assume and hope that this will become THE lawsuit of years against cruel and malicious Spirit Airlines