Jan 10, 2021
Y. Benari

One Destroyes and the Other Revels in the Destruction

Newly elected Mayor of NYC, Eric Adams has allowed to pass a legislative act put forth by the NY city Council that allows illegal immigrants to vote in local elections.

“The measure would allow noncitizens who have been lawful permanent residents of the city for at least 30 days, as well as those authorized to work in the U.S., including “Dreamers,” to help select the city’s mayor, city council members, borough presidents, comptroller and public advocate, reports AP News.

“The first elections in which noncitizens would be allowed to vote are in 2023.”

“Adams recently cast uncertainty over the legislation when he raised concern about the monthlong residency standard, but later said those concerns did not mean he would veto the bill.”

“While there was some question whether Adams could stop the bill from becoming law, the 30-day time limit for the mayor to take action expired at the stroke of midnight.”

Adams said he looked forward to the law bringing millions more into the democratic process.

AP News calles this a Watershed Moment;” and a watershed moment it is indeed. This act which came about as a result of activism by the city’s most left wing politicians during the dark dystopian de Blasio administration, will indeed cause a ‘floodgate’ of horrible ‘intended consequences’ for NYC.

Eric Adams, while not actually signing the bill into law allowed for the time to protest and veto the bill expire leaving NYC with a lasting legacy of harsh marxist rule introduced by the most evil mayor the city has ever seen.

Putting this bill to sleep would have been an extraordinary opportunity for Eric Adams to show NYS residents, US Citizens and indeed the the world, the innate goodness of American Liberty and it’s principles of law and order as well as proper civility, that it’s citizens can indeed be hopeful that the system established by America’s founders in fact does work to protect it’s citizens.

Instead, Mr. Adams took the ‘I didn’t do it’ path of fecklessness, allowing this bill to become law.

Indeed it is a ‘slap-in-the-face’ to the hard working citizens of NYC who have paid it’s taxes and enabled it’s growth to flourish into the the most prominent city in the USA.

He has effectively left the citizens of New York City to navigate through a thorn-bush of unkempt administrative negligence planted by former marxist mayor de Blasio.

This will undoubtedly become the rallying cry for like minded left-wing local politicians across the USA and flood the cities with criminal elements imported to the US compliments of the Biden—Harris administration.

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