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Imagine now, that after fighting this war for 20 years, members of the military return, tired, worn, wounded—physically and mentally—and demoralized. Why are they demoralized you ask? Well, because the military and political leadership of the country they laid their lives down to fight for disappointed them. How? You ask; in the end they messed up. We lost, but we didn’t have to lose. We could have achieved much more so that the deaths of those brave soldiers who gave it all up for America, might have had some meaning.

Instead, we ran from there with our tails between our legs, embarrassed and mocked by all.

But lo and behold, one of those brave warriors has some energy left and asks the most important question relevant to returning soldiers: Who do we hold responsible for these failures? Who in the government answers for this?

The response from the Government and Military establishment, ‘you are under arrest.’

Are you surprised? Bewildered? Maybe even outraged? You should be. Because if something like this happens again, there will be a huge ECHO in the air when volunteers to protect the nation are requested.

So here is the story briefly:

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller offered to resign his commission under honorable conditions, according to Marine Corps documents exclusively obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The offer was rejected by Maj. Gen. Julian Alford, the commander of the Marine Corps Training Command.

Scheller posted a video in August demanding accountability from senior military officials over the Afghanistan withdrawal, saying he was willing to “throw” away his years of military service over it.

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller

Shortly after the video was posted, Scheller posted on social media that he had been “relieved for cause.”

He posted Saturday that he was “ordered to refrain from posting” and was later thrown in the brig, where he remains awaiting trial.


Scheller, who has served in the Marines for 17 years, earlier offered to resign on Sept. 11 in what his parents described to the DCNF as a “symbolic” resignation letter.

Scheller’s parents, Stu Sr. and Cathy Scheller, explained they were told by the Marine Corps “that he served at the pleasure of the president” and that they were not required to accept his resignation.

“But they didn’t accept that,” Scheller Sr. said. “They gave him an offer that was less than honorable discharge with no pension and no benefits. It was verbal and he did not accept that.”

Scheller’s family was told that there would be an Initial Review Officer’s hearing Thursday or next week, but said his attorney has yet to be given a time or date for that hearing.

“We have not spoken to [Stuart] since he was incarcerated, so we honestly, except what his attorney tells us, we don’t know,” Scheller Sr. said.

“So for calling for the truth, they have put him in jail, given him a gag order, stripped him of his position, and applied pressure for 30 days,” he continued. “That is in my opinion the opposite of what leaders should be doing to try to settle this and preserve their reputation.”

“We are asking Americans to find their voice and stand up. This isn’t about Republicans or Democrats, this is not about red state, blue state politics, this is not about white, black, brown, this is not about if you’re gay or straight, this is not about division, this is about Americans,” he continued.