Two Masks or Three?????

Give Us the Truth or Nothing

Ray Cardello
February 27, 2021

If one mask is good, then two will be better and three must be great! This from a man who just a year ago told us the spread of COVID in the United States would be minimal and masks were not necessary. Why is this one man still calling the shots that are dictating ridiculous constraints on our lives. Follow the science. That has been his mantra but the science must be changing daily as his story and mandates to us have changed like the New England weather. Anthony Fauci, the hero of some, could very well be the poster child for all that has gone wrong with the government handling of the COVID Pandemic. He has stiff competition for the top prize from the likes of Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom. Maybe we can call it a tie and just award them the Three Stooges COVID Control Award. I don’t like getting this sarcastic but it is masking the degree of anger I feel about the way we have been manipulated for over a year. It is pathetic, it is criminal as people have died, not as a result of contracting COVID but from the impact of the decisions of our government.

Let’s face facts. The only good or right decision since last February is the vaccines. The reason that we have two vaccines with a third getting the green light today, is the government got out of the way. These companies have broken every record for how quickly they had vaccines ready to inject into the arms of America and the world,not because of the government, but in spite of it. Flatten the curve, 15 days to slow the spread, social distancing, masks, disinfect, wash your hands, quarantine… many terms, talking points really, and is there any evidence that any of them did anything to put us on a track to normal? No. What they have done is to usurp our independence, liberties and rights in a giant power grab. They took our livelihood and our spirit and now they are taking our money in a multi trillion dollar transfer of wealth that will do little to help anything related to COVID but will reward Representatives and Senators by letting them pad the coffers of their political cronies. It is pathetic, it is criminal as people have lost their jobs, their businesses, their homes. Lives have been ruined by suicide, addiction, depression. Our children have been robbed of nearly two years of the schooling but all of this is just collateral damage as our government assumes total control of our lives

And one last thing, the COVID mishandling by our government has also cost us a second term for Donald Trump and has given us the Biden / Harris era. We don’t know which one of them is in charge but does it really matter? One is suffering from dementia and the other is incompetent. We had made such gains under Trump until the COVID hit and the recovery was gearing up. The future ahead had hope but now, the first six weeks of Biden has shown we are going back to the woes of the Obama years. It is sad and very difficult to find anything positive to hang our hats on. We have to hang on and survive as best we can until 2022 when we can hopefully take back the two houses of Congress and put the brakes on the Biden slide. I guess that might be the positive we were looking for.