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After the January 6th riot in the Capitol Building, Nancy Pelosi raised shrill protest, and blamed the event on the speech given by President Trump. Most people are NOT stupid and are quite sure that the so called “insurrection” had nothing to do with the speech and certainly not with President Trump. In fact there are troves of videos showing that it was actually Antifa guys that started the riot. Additionally there were few arrests, most of them Antifa, most of them already let go, and NO GUNS FOUND!! The only one who still remains incarcerated is actually a ANTIFA leader.

However, the Democrats, with the help of their supporters in the FBI, the Mayor of Washington DC, and pristine self-righteous main-stream media, created a narrative that the MAGA supporters planned this attack.

Not only was this a MAGA inspired plot they claim, but that the President who was totally in on it.

The subsequent outrage promoted by the Democrat party and supported by the FBI and the media, have significant portions of the American population believing this “Trumped” up lie.

They quickly rushed to surround the the Capitol with heavy fencing and barbed wire, and called out 15,000 National Guard, who are still standing there in the cold every day.

The Capitol looks like a city under siege. No one knows when it will return to normal.

The claims of a plot by former President Trump led to a new farcical impeachment trial which ended with an acquittal by the Senate (except for the 7 phony republicans who voted with the Democrats.)

A huge sham is being perpetrated on the public. But there is no one to investigate it because even the once trusted FBI is in the game playing for the Blue Team.

On Wednesday Grandma Nancy got up in the morning, milked a few Democrat Donkeys, who squirted out more fuel to add to the fire.

A report was released that there was some “chatter” picked up by intelligence sources, (I don’t know, do monkeys and donkeys chatter? Or perhaps it was the the same intelligence sources that brought us the Russia Dossier.) that there was a planned attack scheduled for March 4th. Why March 4th you ask? Well once upon a time, 150 years ago, March 4th was inauguration day. This date was chosen because, the intelligence said, of it’s symbolic meaning. They actually wove a story that Donald Trump was going to march into Washington and be crowned as President while the MAGA protesters were going to overthrow the Government. I kid you not. It’s all over the news.

Grandma Pelosi swung into heroic action. She dismissed ALL proceedings scheduled for Thursday and sent all Congressional Representatives and staff home, “for their safety.”

The National Guard maintained a heavy presence after a potential attack by an unnamed militia group was reported by the U.S. Capitol Police in Washington, D.C. on March 4, 2021. (Kaylee Greenlee - Daily Caller News Foundation)

Crickets!!! No one Showed because the whole story was another Pelosi dream. Just 4 guys in MAGA hats.

For what reason you might ask? Because in order to destroy support for Trump, the MAGA movement, and all of the good things that were done over the last four years, the Dems have to create a narrative that Trump supporters are domestic terrorists who must be feared and destroyed. And so the continued siege around the Capitol continues.

WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! We are under siege by the Democrats. Their sole intention here is to diminish the civil rights that was enjoyed by American citizens for nearly 250 years.

We are truly in dangerous territory.


10 thoughts on “Looming Terror Attack? or Farcical Invasion of Penguins From Antarctica”
  1. Under the Equality Act, biological men and boys will be legally considered as biological girls as long as they identify as female. And vica versa. Basically any boy can claim to be girl and any girl can claim she is a boy. This will be a federal law!! NO exceptions whatsoever! Period. you go to jail!!
    A Cheder will be forced to higher woman as rabeiim. If a woman, who claims to be a man, applies to be a rebbi and is not hired, the Biden Government your school down!!
    A Cheder will be forced to accept girls, as long as they claim to be a boy. If not, you go to jail!!


    1. My email is [email protected]. Transgenderism is an abomination. YOU MUST AT ALL COSTS REJECT PERVERTED APPLICANTS IN ORDER TO PROTECT THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN FROM SEXUAL PREDATORS! If you have any trouble with them, discrimination claims, contact me and I will help you. The Jewish Community Relations Council takes tzedaka money to pay their way and they raise it in our names. If they do not use their lawyers to defend us against discrimination claims, we’ll sue them for religious discrimination. We’re not the Romans or the Greeks. We’re the Jews. Not only will we not go along with these gay edicts, but let no Jewish agency hang a rainbow flag or spread any propaganda proclaiming pride in deviant sex. We will run these perverted predators out of the Jewish community, with the help of G-d. They are abusing children. They target schools and camps, places where they can get close to boys and molest them. The Democrats have become so evil that they have turned it into an ideology that they are trying to indoctrinate children with.

  2. Worst of all – we do not have representatives who will speak up for us. Agudath Israel is all about money and dancing Ma Yofis to the left – They LOVE TLC from the left. OU is sleeping. Bobov is busy with Schumer.
    Who is left to defend us??

  3. We educated a generation of fools. Ask the avg American why are you wearing a mask – if you have already got the vaccines – he’ll say to comply with the rules. Sheep.
    Sheep don’t wake up. They stay sheep

  4. Interpretation of this law=

    Your old grandmother, in Leisure Chateau or any other old age home would need to sleep in the same room with a creepy male who claims to be a female. Terrifying. And this insanity is now law in the entire US. TY to all who voted for me….

  5. NJ Sen. Bob Menendez has dropped almost $300,000 on food at a Steakhouse with donors to his campaign committee and his New Millennium PAC picking up the tab. this politicians are the lowest of the low. Oppressors. Wine and dine while we starve.

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