One thought on “Look at what Many Americans are Saying Now about the 2020 Election: They are Calling it THE BIG STEAL INSTED OF THE BIG LIE”
  1. I have personally officiated hotly contested run-off elections before. I set aside disputed ballots because I know election fraud when I see it, when ballots are visibly tampered with. In this case, I saw videotaped evidence of MAGA observers being obstructed as Democrat pollsters counter ballots in secrecy. The fact that they legally fought to bar monitors speaks volumes. What are they hiding? Gee, I don’t know. Hundreds of witnesses were deposed and thousands of ballots were accidentally flipped from Trump to Biden on Dominion software, so excuse me, but I don’t think they have a slander case against Counselor Powell. As Trump said, “It was a fraudulent election.”

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