We have held many discussions with all the primary candidates for the Republican Party and have concluded that Mr. Singh is best fit to lead the State of New Jersey to great success.

(Ocean County) Jun 7 2021

Mr. Hirsh Singh, who appears to be leading in the latest NJ Polls, is viewed by us and Many NJ residents as the preferred candidate to lead the state of NJ.

Gov. Murphy, like his counterpart in NY, Andrew Cuomo, seem bent on leading this state to the acceptance of Socialism and cultural marxism.

This is terribly bad for all Americans. One has merely to look at the downward spiral of states like NY, CA, Oregon, Washington State, to see that if we continue on this trajectory we will lose the state forever.

Many have recently moved to this state running away from the tyranny of NY and other such states. NJ residents want a healthy economic environment as well as a good educational environment that will help foster the importance to good family and community values.

In the Blue states crime has been rising exponentially. In NJ, crime is at an all time high and antisemitism is on the rise more than ever.

Hirsh Singh, amongst other things is a strong law and order candidate; a strong education candidate, is fighting for school choice and economic opportunities for NJ residents.