Mrs. Diskind was notified her 23 year old cousin, father of 2 , Simcha Diskind was one of the fatalities in Miron. It took the police 6 hours to let in Simcha’s brother so he can identify the body. Once identified, police said the printer is broken so they cannot print death certificates.

The writing was on the wall. In 2018, the Israeli Police were warned that this is going to happen.

Attached is a message from Journalist Aryeh Ehrlich from 2018:

Exit from Toldos Ahron’s bonfire creates a bottleneck passage.  People are crushing each other, and this is the only exit(!). If we want to prevent a repeat of the stampede that happened  by Rabbi Vozners funeral- we must not permit a Hadlaka ceremony prior to creating a wider exit with proper signage.

Yossi Duetch, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem was pushed down to the ground by the masses 2 hours before the stampede. He begged the police to open the blockades. ” Aren’t you embarrassed” he told the cops ” people are going to die!”. The police ignored him and threatened to use tear gas to disperse the public.

Link: Israeli Police Murdered Little Children (Hebrew)

The Israeli Police minister O’hana must go!!!!!!!!!!

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2 thoughts on “ISRAELI POLICE MINISTER O’HANA MUST RESIGN – Police Preventing Burials”
  1. While we should all Ponder slowly without haste
    the tragedy &
    on top of what was going on for the last year, We must throw this into the mix and would be derelict if we did not

    And that is the past weeksפרשיות השבוע

    ו לא תקיא אתכם את הארץ
    “The Earth will not spit vomit you out”

    Let Us go back less than two years ago

    Between the first and second Israeli election smotrich wanted to be Justice Minister. He made a comment that ideally
    the state should
    be a state based on Halacha

    Immediately leiberman & co
    jumped all over him and how the whole traditional right are bunch of religious legalistic Fanatics

    Bibi to prove them
    wrong went to the Other Extreme and took a deviant pervert as of Justice Minister.
    Minister Ohana the first-ever Pervert deviant LGBT minister since
    the beginning of the state
    Was there any protests from the haredi and religious parties?

    Fast forward to a few weeks ago

    During this current negotiations for government
    aguda and Shas their biggest issue was more than anything else opening up Meron

    B’omer was more than anything else

    So who did they meet with cute photo ops and smiling together publicly? Pervert Ohana

    Celebrating for the _one_ who never had a _rainbow_ in his life with a ️‍

    In addition, the Torah puts
    perversed immorality reeking with flattery embedded for
    the land cannot tolerate

    ולא תחניפו את הארץ

    1. Why is Degel still kissing up to this שייקעץ??? he should be kicked out of office

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