Updated: April 6th 2021

European Union leaders are watching the situation “with severe concern” for the Russian military.Image

Russian flag
Russian flag(VANO SHLAMOV/AFP via Getty Images)

By Nicholas Sherman

The European Union announced Monday its “unwavering” support to Ukraine as Russia builds up troops along its border.

Ukraine, a NATO ally, has accused Russia of massing thousands of troops along its border. Online researchers found that Russia was transferring troops from western and central Russia and even some from as far away as Siberia and placing them near it border with Ukraine, according to The Guardian.

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell pledged “unwavering EU support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” adding that he was watching the situation “with severe concern the Russian military activity surrounding Ukraine.”

The Russian government denied any plans of a military attack against Ukraine, with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov arguing his country is doing what it deems “necessary” and that it would “ignore signals of concern” from the United States and other western nations.

The increase in military tension between the two eastern European nations follows Russia in 2014 having invaded and gthe Ukraine peninsula for Crimea.

President Biden also recently supported Ukraine’s sovereignty.