Most of you still remember the immediate shocking aftermath of the Nov 3 2020 Presidential election. Supporters of former President Donald J. Trump, after waking up the morning of Nov 4 to discover that what appeared the night before to be a sure victory for Trump turned into win for Joe Biden.

One legislative attendee at a Symposium held this week in South Dakota, Sponsored by Mike Lindell of My Pillow, still could not hold back her emotional display of shock as if it had happened this morning. “I could not believe it. I was stunned for most of Wednesday November 4th. How could this have happened? I went to sleep watching Trump ahead in Pennsylvania by 800,000 votes and saw an astronomic lead disappear.”

At that point Mike Lindell interjected, “well one of the reasons we brought all of you here to this symposium, was to show that not only did Trump not lose Pennsylvania, he actually won by over a million votes.”

With this began a 3 day symposium that went on from 10:00 AM each morning to 10:00 in the evening. Non stop presentations by legal experts, Data analysis experts, hackers, cyber security specialists, and much more.

The Lindell Mission

Mike Lindell’s personal story is really an incredible one. He openly speaks of the life he led in the past as a crack-cocaine addict, compulsive gambler and alcoholic. He eventually reversed his life and became a successful businessman. He embraced his religion and attributes all of his success to GOD.

He Met Donald J Trump in 2015 at Trump Tower in NY. In his words, “I totally fell in love with his vision for America.” “In Trump I saw a person who for the first time in my lifetime was not a politician.” “He was a man on a mission to save what he saw as a declining America.” “I knew that I would become a great friend of his.”

Indeed Lindell became one of the biggest supporters of Trump financially and politically. He was a frequent visitor at the white house and they indeed became close friends.

On the morning of November 4th, as with many Americans, Mike Lindell could not believe his eyes and ears. But as a man of conviction who seeks results, he immediately sprung into action. He joined up with Sydney Powell, Lin Wood, Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, a team albeit small and resource thin, would spend the next two months challenging every State they could bringing multiple law suits and appealing to State Government Legislatures, whom had the constitutional authority to investigate and hopefully stop what they viewed as “the great steal.”

Long Story Short, the mission failed. Joe Biden was sworn in on January 20th as the 46th president of the United States of America; and with that began the subsequent ‘dismantling’ of the American democratic State that bore this title for nearly 250 years.

Mike Lindell Doesn’t Back Down

On Nov 5th, Mike put together a team of data analysts—the best money can buy. Knowing that the Government or Democrat party would attempt to restrict—if not completely destroy as they have already done in many areas—the data produced by the National Election Commission, the team proceeded to collect the data from the websites of each or the 50 states. This data, is the data that is fed to the media companies around the country during the vote counts that are tabulated immediately when the polls begin closing. With the assistance of some of the polling companies whom are also plugged into the live stream of data as the votes are being tallied, Lindell’s team was able to gather what in layman’s terms would be described as a “recording of the live voting tabulation being performed in every local county in the US during election day voting.

To be clear, only the data that was being generated by Dominion machines were included in this data accumulation. Follow me because it gets a bit complicated.

There are 28 states which are using the complete suite of Dominion machines. Some states are using machines branded under ESS and other names. But there is no difference sine the parent company of Dominion, owns them all. Additionally, the software used in each of these different branded machines is primarily the same. So it is essentially the same “chocolate bar with a different wrapper.”

What I am presenting here is an over simplification of what happened. But there is no way that you the reader would want to sift through the bulk of technical information on the sophistication of this operation. When the data was set up by the analysts to run a simulation of what took place on November third, it showed clearly that the Dominion systems were hacked into, the data manipulated and the votes actually “flipped” from Trump to Biden.

During the presentation that took place this week Mike and his people actually showed this happening.

The Fight Begins

While not tipping his hand, Mike Lindell, along with other supporters of former President Trump, began the clarion call for an investigation into Dominion. The campaign to publicize the ‘discoveries’ surrounding the electronic machines reverberated all over the country. The response by Democrats and the mainstream Media was swift and hard. “Mike Lindell, Donald Trump, Sydney Powell and anyone claiming that Dominion machines were hacked, are all conspiracy theories.”

Additionally, Dominion responded aggressively by filing law suits on anyone claiming ‘foul.’ Mike Lindell and his company, My Pillow, were sued for 1.2 million dollars for ‘defaming’ Dominion.

“Dominion Lawsuits Against Sidney Powell, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell And Giuliani Can Move Forward, Court Rules”

This is a headline that appeared in Forbes on August 11th at 9:30 PM. (You can read the full Forbes report here.)

But for the sake of those who will not be willing to take the time to read the Forbes article, there is one very crucial comment made by Judge Nichols, which shows the degree of success by the Democrat party and the MS Media in framing the effort to investigate the Nov 3d election as a ‘conspiracy theory.’

“Nichols ruled against those arguments, writing in his opinion that Dominion had sufficient grounds to argue Powell and Lindell made their fraud claims “knowing that they were false or with reckless disregard for the truth.”

Forbes News, Aug 11, 2021 9:38PM

Efforts by the Left Wing Democrat Party and the Left Wing Corporate Titans to Silence Mike Lindell

Beginning some time after Mike Lindell made his positions and efforts on the election known, the Left sprung into action. Walmart, Costco, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and most of the Big Box retail outlets in America engaged in a Left Wing sponsored boycott to ruin Mike Lindell.

They all stopped ordering and carrying his merchandise. To be sure, besides the hard left wing supporters in America, people were largely angered by the moves taken by these retail outlets. While there has not been any major protesting on behalf of Lindell, he is still supported by the American public who is anti-left, whom continue to purchase his products on line.

Lindell had been working for months to put together this ‘Cyber Symposium’ as he called it in an effort to explain to the American people and the world exactly what took place with the machine voting on November 3d.

He planned to broadcast this on a social media site called ‘FrankSpeech.COM, ‘ a site he created after being censored by Twitter and Facebook.

He sent invitations to all of the Media, especially the Main Stream Media and to politicians especially State Legislature politicians wether Democrat or Republican. At the end there was representation from all 50 states, who patiently sat for three days, nearly 12 hours per day and listened intently to the massive amount of experts walk everyone through the ‘the Big Steal.’

Security was very heavy. on the opening day, Tuesday, there was an attempt to hack into his systems and they succeeding in delaying the broadcast for nearly 1 hour. Lindell said he was prepared for that and in fact had 4 backup systems. The hackers—whomever they were—succeeding in disabling three of them.

“This is a war” Lindell proclaimed, between goo and evil. “We will fight till our last breath” he shouted, to an cheering audience.

Where we are Up to at this Point

At the conclusion of the Symposium the Cyber-team lined out where they were up to in proving their case. The ultimate goal, is to get ALL 50 states to begin a Forensic investigation of the November 3 Election process, the same type as is taking place in Arizona, and soon to begin in Georgia and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

“We must get to the bottom of November 3” said Steve Bannon, who along with his daily broadcast of “The War Room Pandemic” which has over 20 million viewers, and is the 5th most popular podcast in the world, is a strong and fighting supporter of Lindell’s efforts.

“If we don’t win,” says Lindell, “WE WON’T HAVE A COUNTRY ANYMORE!