Candidate Richter sat with JNews for a second interview.

Why are you running for NJ Assembly?

Richter: We are faced with a state of emergency in Dec ’18 Assemblyman Sean Kean voted for a bill (S1569) that forces boards of education to include LGBT propaganda in the curriculum when teaching every single subject (reading, writing, math, history etc.) in middle school and high school. So. for example, when teaching math word problems, instead of saying John and Sarah’s wedding cost $1,000 for clothes, $5,000 for the music etc. they will use names and situations that promote their specific agenda, so children will be asked “when Adam and Steve got “married”.” books chosen to teach children reading comprehension will use books that included and highlight same sex relationships as everyday, something good and, something to be proud of. They will learn about gay “heroes” in history. After being confronted by me for this, he claimed “It was a mistake”. Yet Assemblyman Thomson abstained and Senator Singer voted no for the school curriculum change. Since this law has gone into effect I have testified against against implementing this law in front of multiple Boards of Education. Implementing this law puts all children at risk , the worst part is the specific curriculum written by New Jersey’s largest LGBT organization in the state, “Garden State Equality, is the one that most boards of education are trying to use. Rav Yisroel Belsky told a friend of mine that lgbt propaganda is even worse then lgbt marriage and the act it self.

Was this the only lgbt school bill he voted for?

Richter: No, a Year earlier Kean voted for (S3067) which had the Commissioner of Education make guidelines that forced schools, among other things, to A. refer to boys who pretended to be girls as “she” and girls who pretend to be boys as “he”.

B. to allow transgenders to use the opposite sexes restrooms and locker rooms. So, when a boy who claims he is really a girl he is allowed to use the girls facilities even when the girls could be changing clothes, like in a locker room.

C. support the forming student clubs or activity programs focused on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender.

D. put LGBTQ pamphlets or books in school libraries, counseling offices, and nurse’s offices.

Since these bill currently doesn’t include Yeshivas, how will this effect the Jewish Community?

1. There are Jews including some Orthodox Jews who are in public schools. 2 The Sefer Chasidim writes that even the best of Jews are effected by the non jews around them, if this is true at a time when Jews were faced with blood libels and the like, kal vechomer today. The best of Orthodox Jews today have less of an aversion to homosexuality now then even the most extreme Reform “Rabbi” did 150 years ago. If Non Jews believe something and fully embrace it, to some extent will seep into the entire Jewish Community. 3. Many Yeshivas get ordinary text books from the State which will now have lgbt propaganda written into every subject 4. Many lgbt laws that originally promised and had religious exemptions, now had those religious exemptions weakened or removed completely. Furthermore they have reframed what is considered “discrimination”. 5. Particularly regarding LGBT education laws the previous point is more true. As a generation of children are raised to believe biemuna shelama that lgbt rights is the greatest “mitzvah” ever, do you really think they will allow Yeshivas to teach core Torah principles that they deem are hateful and bigoted. jnews There has been an election since that vote, what made you decide to run for office now? Richter Right before the presidential Election, Kean abstained on a bill (A4454) that would make a special lgbt propaganda course for high school children. This would make it that everyone who follows Torah is a “bigot”. This included a very popular psudopsychological idea called—”unconscious bias”. Simply put that mean that people have “bigotry” that they may not be consciously aware. For example this would mean, if you meet a man who tells you he just got married, and you ask what is his wife’s name (instead of a male rasha name) that is an example of “narrow bigoted” “unconscious bias”. There could be exercises to test and measure so called “unconscious bias” of LGBT. — A few months later the Legislature decided to extend this bill to kindergarteners and also pass an LGBT nursing home bill (S2545) . Many People called Keans office demanding he vote no on both these bills. I called his office and told him I would run against him unless he votes “no” on both these bills. Kean already developed a track record of voting for over a dozen major lgbt bills and this was his last chance. While he finally yielded at the last moment (after a while of refusing to commit to voting no) to vote no on the kindergarten propaganda bill, he completely wavered and only abstained on the LGBT nursing home bill.

What does the lgbt nursing home bill do?

Richter: The the list is very long and disturbing

1. allows men with male bodies who claim to be women to demand to have a woman as a roommate, even if the woman strongly opposes sharing a room with a man (and vice versa).

2. forces people in the nursing home to call a man a “she”, and a woman a “he”

3. it forces the facility to allow for homosexual relations to take place in the nursing homes

4. It forces every worker who works for the nursing home to take a class on lgbt every six months. Before that Dec vote at the recent agudah convention, Rav Ahron Feldman was asked what should nursing home owners due now that lgbt is pushing their agenda there. His response was sell the nursing homes. We can thank spineless politicians for us being unable to protect our elderly. In addition, this bill will make it impossible for Torah Jews to stay in nursing home business. While the Jewish Community can stop owning nursing homes, this bill will make it impossible to stay in nursing home, with all the deadly effect that this can lead to.

If he abstained from the bill why this be the straw that broke?


1. When there is a bill of great evil we can’t be silent. We know that Chazal say Iyov was punished for not speaking up against a great evil. The fact that the Ihr hatorah (by proxy) doesn’t oppose this a great chillul Hashem.

2. There are only few basic reasons to abstain on a bill, there is good and bad mixed in the bill, you are unsure if it is good or bad, the bill can be good but voting for it would send a message that is bad or other similar types of thing. Kean abstaining means that the Ihr hatorah (by proxy) might think there is good in this bill, or we are only against this for technicalities but we support the spirit of the bill. Anything but unequivocal opposition to this law is dangerous and can have a devastating effect on the entire Jewish Community out of Lakewood (akin to speaking lashon Harah in kovno and being michalel shabbos in paris). Just look at what is happening in Yeshiva University now.

3. Many other legislators look to Kean as a barometer, they think if the Assemblyman from Lakewood Ir Hatorah only abstains we can vote for it (only 1 person voted no).

4. Even his abstaining was only under the direct duress of numerous calls from Lakewood’s Torah Community, I have no doubt based on his (past record) reluctance to even commit to abstaining that if we would not have put in numerous phone calls, he would have voted for this bill . We need to trust who elect to represent us, to protect us. We can’t elect someone and then have to stand as a shomer every time there is a vote. Kean has to vote the right way on these bills without us telling him to do so. Most normal people in the Torah Community don’t even realize what become law until years later when we see the results of a law, then we ask how did this happen, without even realizing we helped make it happen. jnews What does Yeshiva University have to do with Lakewood. Richter Yeshiva University is an example of what happens when we allow the lgbt to gain even a foothold in the law. In 1986 NYC passed a LBGT non discrimination law. Before this became law Rav Moshe Feinstein wrote a letter stating that: “it is a sacred obligation on everyone to do anything in their power to vote against the bill.” (He understood and wasn’t satisfied with an abstention) . He urged, “everyone to fill up the city council, to make a kiddush hashem, to show before all the nations, that the nation of god hates the abomination of god.” Yet at that time many lesser rabbis who did not have his vision thought incorrectly that this LGBT would not effect us. Unfortunately, they were clearly wrong. We saw that the court (almost 20 years ago) forced YU’s medical school to accept lesbian couples into the dorm based on that specific law. We have watched as many parts of this law written to protect religious people, were weakened (Int 0814-2015) and even completely erasing the few religious exemptions for lgb (Int 0819-2015). They also have further increased the definitions of what are now called “discrimination” to cover new (The law was amended in Int 0022-2004 to make lgbt protection “uniquely broad and remedial”). Yeshiva University is now being sued once again due to that same law for not allowing a gay club (despite giving into many of their anti torah demands), and likely will lose in court and then cave in to the lgbt terrorists. What happened with this specific law has happened with numerous other ones, and even worse society as a whole, We even have at least 2 board members of Agudah publicly praise lgbt on twitter. The ground we stand on has shifted. What was unthinkable ten years ago on the left is now acceptable, celebrated, and encouraged by even many right. How can we continue to vote for someone like Kean who votes (A3613) to punish states that pass laws allowing freedom of religion against lgbt? If Kean believes that Mississippi can’t pass a law allowing bakers the freedom to not bake wedding cakes for same sex “weddings”, and he votes to teach 10 years old children LGBT propaganda in math, how many more years, months, or even days before he decides that Yeshivas should no longer be exempt from teaching about the “greatness of lgbt,” and allow us to continue teaching God’s “bigotry” of the torah as given to Moshe at Har Sini?

We completely support you in your quest unseat Kean.

Richter: Let’s look at the reality of what has happened in the years since Rav Moshe said we have to show the entire world that the nation of God hates the abominations of god. Now Jews more than other groups support lgbt, even “Orthodox” Jews voted for same sex “marriage”. Make no mistake if Lakewood, the city of Torah with the fortress of torah votes to allow the entire public school system of the state of New Jersey to teach what God hates, we are instead of acting like avrohom who spread God and his commandments to the entire world, we are instead acting like Nimrod and would cause the entire New Jersey and in turn the world to rebel against God. Then instead of being a fortress of torah, Beis Medrish Gevoah will be no different then Migdal Bavel, and Lakewood Bavel. Think about it. Instead of fulfilling the pasuk of being a light on to the nations we our causing the fulfillment of this pasuk Yeshaya 5-20 כה֗וֹי הָאֹֽמְרִ֥ים לָרַ֛ע ט֖וֹב וְלַטּ֣וֹב רָ֑ע שָׂמִ֨ים חֹ֚שֶׁךְ לְאוֹר֙ וְא֣וֹר לְחֹ֔שֶׁךְ שָׂמִ֥ים מַ֛ר לְמָת֖וֹק וּמָת֥וֹק לְמָֽר: If chas veshalom we vote for Kean where are showing before all the nations of the world instead of the good of torah, lgbt is good; Instead of placing us as a light on to the nations, we are spreading the darkness of lgbt; Instead of showing the world that we hate the bitterness and repulsiveness of lgbt, we are showing before all the nations, that “the nation of god” loves the “sweetness” of the abomination of god”.

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