by Volf ben Yosev

Rob Hoogland is a Canadian father who is in the fight of his life.  The British Columbia school that his daughter attends taught her she is a “boy trapped inside a girl’s body” and immediately placed her on drugs to manipulate her sex hormones.  This was at grade six and without bothering to get parental consent.  When they did check with the father, he refused to sign off on a parental consent form to permit plastic surgeons to permanently ruin his daughter’s genitalia.  So, the Canadian government stepped in, attempting to use the power of the state and the courts to force Rob to comply with the operation. 

“This is not just about my daughter . . . I’m looking at all the other children in the world and I’m thinking they need protection.”

Now, Rob is facing five years in prison for violating a gag order and talking to the Press.  Under the Equality Act, Americans face a similar danger of forced child sexual mutilation.  The Canadian government had no comment at the time of this publication.

The Canadian government is also using the color of law to attempt to force Rob to address his daughter as a boy, something the Biden administration is in favor of mandating.

This is what is being taught now in American schools.  It can happen to religious schools, too, under the Equality Act, because to say otherwise would qualify as “gender discrimination.”  “Gay rights” activists want to force us to admit transvestites to the mikveh and pretend they are real women.  The Equality Act presents an immediate threat to our women and children and our religious liberty.  All are equal in the eyes of the Biden regime.  Some more than others.

By Editor


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