בעלי שמחה at the Bais Medrash Of Westgate are paying for security on Friday nights so boys do not come and steal their food. In many cases it is an additional fee for a parent who is struggling marrying off his kid.

Back of Westgate Beis Medrash

The shul requires all those who wish to rent the hall for Shabbos to pay for a security guard from 10 pm until 7am. The LCSW takes care of getting security for a cost of $300.00 per night.

A noted mashgiach told JNews “It’s mostly that the boys come to steal the whiskey and better wines, it goes on all over town”.

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14 thoughts on “Boys Stealing Food??”
  1. The parents are working on צער גידול בנים.
    Their schools are working on raising the tuition and raking in dollars for building funds.
    The KCL mashgichim, get drunk on these shabbos jobs.

  2. There was a kid in school that always borrowed pencils from his classmates and never returned them.
    The Rebbe, met with the father and the son at their home to figure out what’s behind this kids mind.
    The father tells his son, “I bring you home so many pencils from work, why are borrowing from others and not returning them”?

    The Rebbe excused himself and said, I have my answer already.

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  3. The OTD boys go to Shuls that they know have alcohol for Simchos, break in, and take the alcohol. It has nothing to do with ‘food’ as the headline mistakenly claims.

    1. why cant someone put a camera – take care of the kid and call it a day? !?!?!??!?!?!?!?
      sounds really dysfunctional to me. I dont get it

      If they were staeling food from your home – u would put a guard??? or beat the …. out of the thief?

  4. Great idea
    Maybe we should show some care and love to these hurting teens and develop a way maybe thru onegs to keep them busy
    I’m not excusing their actions and their wrong but don’t forget the pain they’re going thru and how to stop their trouble in a caring way

  5. Pirchei is for the elementry age group you need something for high school
    Rabbi Jacobs did it just right invited the boys for cholent and beer and spent his afternoon in deep conversations with the boys
    I can tell you first hand what it meant to them and how much it changed them and no they did not have to go around stealing alcohol
    Rabbi Jacobs gave them his security and MOST of them have grew up and are not in the pit they used to be in all thanks to rabbi Jacobs

    So I’m waiting for someone to share their address where the boys can then come and talk and enjoy themselves in a safe and healthy atmosphere and no one will have to worry about hiring a security guard

  6. I’m talking from experience,
    Someone arranged two bowling alleys for Motzei Shabbos, one for the boys and one for the girls.
    BMG brilliance, “es past nisht” down the tubes it went.
    Don’t tell me do, get bmg and the Vaad out of our hair once and for all.

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