PM Netanyahu is enjoying the Arab riots as this is putting pressure on the Israeli- Arab party Ra’am to not join the new left wing government. It is a simple strategy: the current police minister ordered his officers not to quell the riots, the situation gets out of hand as more Arabs get killed and Jews suffer, the Israeli- Arab party Ra’am cannot join the left wing Bennet- Lapid govorment out of solidarity to the Arabs.

Palestinian President Abbas is enjoying the Arab riots he initiated to direct the publics anger at the Jews instead of at him. Abbas just canceled the Palestinian elections as the polls predicted his party’s defeat. This is the 4th election Abbas canceled since he was elected last in 2005.

Police Minister O’hana is enjoying the riots as this direct the publics anger at the Arab instead of at him. Police Minister O’hana has himself stated that he is fully responsible for the deaths at Meron. However he said, “while fully responsible as Police Minister, I am not to blame.” YOU ARE WRONG MR. POLICE MINISTER. IF YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE, YOU ARE TO BLAME. YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING BEFORE THE EVENT TO ENSURE COMPLETE SAFETY.

Burning a Synagogue in Ramleh, Israel
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