We are all familiar with the Prohibition of wearing Shatnez. When we purchase clothing from Jewish retailers we naturally assume that all is well. But is this really so?

And when we in fact bring an article of clothing to a ‘Shatnez Tester’ is he doing the right tests?

This interview and a series of interviews to follow, are designed to educate us on what to look for, what we may or may not assume to be ok, and even what we are to ask of the Shatnez tester when we bring clothing to be tested.

Rabbi Bressler is dedicated to teaching the Jewish communities world wide of the serious problems encountered in the clothing industry especially since clothing is subject to such a varied amount of countries that are exporting materials and finished goods

Please feel free to comment on your thoughts on this issue. You may also reach Vaad L’mishmeres Shatnez by calling 1-877-4-SHATNEZ, or send email to

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