Rabbi Moshe Bressler

Attached is a letter regarding the correct ברכה for doughnuts. The opinion relayed is that a ירא שמים should only eat them during a סעודת פת, as there is a question with the ברכה as stated is שולחן ערוך. The letter also notes for the correct ברכה on soft pretzels to be המוציא, although, for business purposes, some companies have printed on their boxes of soft pretzels that the ברכה is מזונות.

2 thoughts on “IMPORTANT PUBLIC NOTICE REGARDING THE ברכה ON סופגניות”
  1. The bigger question is;
    Does it require “Bishul-Yisroel” for Sfardim, and the GRA?
    The same question would be, Gluten-free cakes for Pesach, would they require Bishul-Yisroel, not Pas Yisroel for Sfardim and the GRA?
    As far as the Bracha is concerned;
    1- This should have been addressed way before Chanukah.
    2- With all of the calories, cholesterol and other benefits, do we make a Brocha?

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