As Gov. Andrew Cuomo prepares to resign the governorship amidst sexual harassment allegations, a new story is developing.  Leading “LGBT” lobby group Human Rights Commission is implicated in the alleged cover up. 

HRC honcho and Cuomo advisor Alphonso David is being accused of drafting a letter intended to discredit accuser Lindsey Boylan as a witness/victim.  David stepped down from his position at HRC in view of his alleged contribution to the defense.  HRC is the leading gay rights lobby group behind the newly minted Equality Act that was bundled into the “infrastructure” spending bill.  It vests gay rights activists with the legal power to sue the observant for “discriminating” against transexuals by refusing to pretend they are real women.

  The Department of Justice is authorized to enforce this Caligulan debauchery.  So, you have a gay rights lobby group implicated in covering up Gov. Cuomo’s alleged misconduct, and attempting to violate the privacy of women , Barack’s perverted fantasy of “transgender bathrooms” being shared with real women.  

Sources: Washington Post, NBC News

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