Leading investment bank Goldman Sachs recently published a piece in their newsletter promoting ESG scores.  ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) scores rate capitalist businesses by how much or how little they are in compliance with Socialist Political Correctness, specifically, climate change dogma and diversity hiring.  It is an offshoot of a form of Socialization euphemistically called “stakeholder capitalism,” (making business decisions to reward “community stakeholders” with no financial interest in a given company, as opposed to shareholder capitalism, which operates in the interest of its investors.).  “Woke” corporations such as Coca-cola are valued for “antiracism” by discriminating against Jews with quota systems.  Stock ratings outfit Moody’s has incorporated ESG scores into their ratings system. 

The Red Chinese use a similar “social credit system” to award points and prizes such as discount movie tickets to their citizens who virtue signal the most ideological orthodoxy with the Communist partyline.  
In a related story, Goldman’s is still under criminal investigation for their role in orchestrating the biggest Ponzi scheme in world history.   Top Goldman’s execs defrauded the government of Saudi Arabia and bankrupted Malaysia through a sham sovereign wealth fund.  Gov. Murphy came from Goldman’s, where he made his fortune.

Sources: Goldman Sachs newsletter, Wall Street Journal, Stopping Socialism podcast

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